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Mirhanda's Journal
A day in the life
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12th-Jan-2013 05:00 pm - Hot
The Accolade
75 degrees today. Sheesh.
7th-Nov-2012 11:26 am - Congratulations Mr. President
The Accolade
President Obama has won his re-election!  Thank you to everyone who got out and voted!  Thank you God/ess!

2nd-Nov-2012 10:23 am - Sweet Milk Sorbet
The Accolade
I ran across this recipe and I want to try it so badly, but I can't have this on my diet :( Maybe one of my friends can try making it? Here's the link: http://pastrychefonline.com/2009/02/12/sweet-milk-sorbet/
30th-Oct-2012 05:40 pm - Paid LJ Going Away
The Accolade
For my friends with paid accounts, don't pay for another year because paid accounts are going away next spring so they can force us to view ads.  (That is if we're not smart enough to figure out AdBlock, which we are, so...)
30th-Oct-2012 03:55 pm - FL Changes are NOT POPULAR
The Accolade
I was reading on the lj releases group and got to the end of page 12 (WHEW!), refreshed the page and in the time it took me to read page 12, it went up to 19 pages.  And I'm a pretty fast reader.  Not that I expect it will make any difference to them.  They are russian after all, and they are kind of used to the dictatorial model of government.

Also, I encourage all of you to get a Dreamwidth journal.  Apparently they are open to everyone now with no code needed.  You can easily import your journal entries from here, including tags AND security settings. 
30th-Oct-2012 11:23 am - LJ is Driving me Away
The Accolade
Stole this from a community on Journalfen. I am so mad. Y'all know I'm visually impaired so I read everything from my FL and have the gigantic font so I can see. Well, LJ is taking away our FL customization. Yep. You heard right. Our FLs are all going to look the same, and that same is unreadable when you are visually impaired.

Here's the Journalfen post:
What are they up to now?
How could they possibly fuck up their own site any worse than they already have?
Everyone's FriendsList will look the same. Styled in that migraine-inducing blinding white.
With infinite scrolling. (Note that [info]ruljautonews only translates Russian LJ news posts into English and has no actual affiliation with LJ or it's staff.)
Oh, and LJ's U.S. office is shutting down.

Hey Dreamwidth? Expect yet another flood of sign ups.

ETA: It's live now. It hasn't been forced yet, but there's an annoying bar tellingme to change to the new style.

Me again. I have just been to my FL. I have my prefs set to display place holders for pictures and video (saves sideways scrolling sometimes) and it's completely ignoring that and showing pictures, forcing me to scroll sideways. It's been great here on LJ all these years, but I think this will do it in for me. I just don't know if I can stick around with this mess. Scrolling sideways is a complete pain and I hate it, and it's stupid to have to have my LJ window full screen. Honestly, it's like they WANT LJ to go belly up.
15th-Oct-2012 04:00 pm - Horror Movies
The Accolade
Dear Hollywood,

Fear and nausea aren't the same thing.
11th-Oct-2012 11:06 am(no subject)
The Accolade
Still sick. Does anyone know a way to unstuff your nose? My sinuses are driving me crazy. Sudafed (either version, OTC and semi-otc) has stopped working for me. I am too afraid of addiction to try nasal spray. I got addicted to it before and it was so hard to stop using it. That rebound stuffiness is a bitch! I just want to breathe though!
20th-Sep-2012 12:39 pm(no subject)
The Accolade
The new trailer for The Hobbit.

Thorin Oakenshield is YUMMY! I may have to become a fangirl for him. Damn. He really gets my motor running.
19th-Sep-2012 03:58 pm - Arsenic in Rice
The Accolade
Just read a disturbing report by Consumer Reports about arsenic in rice and rice products. I don't eat rice or rice products since I went off of carbohydrates, but I know a lot of you do. This article is very interesting and there is a linked PDF that has the measurements of which rice is the worse, also their recommendations on how much you can safely eat.

19th-Sep-2012 12:58 pm - Neutral Henna
The Accolade
I'm doing a neutral henna treatment on my hair because I've heard such good things about it. This stuff looks disgusting though! Most charitably like mud, but really like diarrhea. I'm not crazy about the smell either. I just hope it makes my hair feel nice!
9th-Sep-2012 10:08 am - Weight Again
The Accolade
I have officially lost 25 pounds now! I bought a pair of capri pants in early July because I couldn't get my fat butt into my normal ones and now I can take the new ones off without undoing the button!
3rd-Sep-2012 09:19 pm - Grimm
The Accolade
They need to kill off Juliette. That character is just so nothing! She doesn't add anything to the show at all. Bleahhhhhhhhhh.
29th-Aug-2012 01:40 pm - Isaac
The Accolade
Looks like Isaac is going to all but miss us here. We'll get some rain from it, but not as much as they'd thought. I'm a bit bummed because we desperately need the rain! But at least we'll get some rain, and that's better than nothing.

We're far enough from the coast that hurricanes are almost always downgraded to tropical storms (or lower) before they get up this far. Sometimes they can really slam us though. Ivan caused serious flooding here a few years ago. I think that was 2004. They had to send scuba divers into some apartments to rescue people.
7th-Aug-2012 05:54 pm - Stolen from Facebook
The Accolade
4th-Aug-2012 12:30 pm - One More
The Accolade
I lost another pound last week. I feel so much better. I was able to get into a smaller size. I really look better. I still want to lose a few more pounds, but I am happy like this too.
23rd-Jul-2012 10:59 am - 20 Pounds
The Accolade
I have passed the 20 pounds milestone! Technically it's 21 pounds since I lost 2 pounds last week, but 20 pounds was the first milestone that I set for myself. I feel like I have made a huge accomplishment these last 4 months.
25th-Jun-2012 05:18 pm - One and the Same
The Accolade
Ok, here's a new one on me. I saw an idiot post "one in the same" instead of "one and the same". One in the same doesn't even make sense! What is the one supposedly inside of? AHAHAHA!
24th-Jun-2012 07:36 pm - A Weird Thing Happened at Home Depot
The Accolade
Over the weekend, The Big Aussie and I had an opportunity to go to The Home Depot to get some tools or whatever. (IDK, he handles all that stuff, I can barely stay conscious in there as it's so boring, but he's happy to to go Sephora with me so I am happy to go to HD with him.) Anyway, we're holding hands as we walk into the shop, we always walk around like that, it's no big deal to us, it's just normal. But the greeter is like FREAKING OUT. " OMG YOU ARE HOLDING HANDS! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET? HOW ARE YOU STILL ABLE TO TOLERATE EACH OTHER AT YOUR AGE?!?"

Is it that unusual for an older couple to still hold hands? I never really thought anything of it. Then again, when his sister visited last year she said "you guys act like a couple of teenagers!" when all we did was exchange a chaste kiss (no tongues, lips closed) in front of her a couple of times. It doesn't seem that weird to me that even old people like ourselves would be affectionate (tastefully, not sucking face) with each other.
The Accolade

"Every study has shown that the perception of having a food allergy is more often wrong than right," says Robert Wood, a pediatric allergist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "Only about 25% of people who think they have a food allergy will actually have one."

Much more at the source!
24th-Jun-2012 10:34 am - Weight
The Accolade
Lost 1.4 pounds this week. Let's just call it a pound and a half ;)
21st-Jun-2012 07:26 pm - Help Me! (Also, Summer)
The Accolade
Happy first day of summer everyone. I am looking forward to winter, personally. Who's with me?

Ok, I ordered some new capri pants in brown because I still can't get into my regular denim blue ones yet and I'm tired of wearing jeans in this heat. I don't know why I ordered brown, I should've gotten denim blue again, I guess. Or black. None of my tops seem to go with brown. What colors look good with brown? It's a deep brown like dark chocolate (as opposed to milk chocolate.)

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